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24" Tona Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


Brand Tona
SKU: A600

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Not only does the Tona bathroom medicine cabinet looks good, but it's also functional. The Tona medicine cabinet has adjustable tempered glass shelves inside. Mirrors on the inside and out. The Tona is wall mountable and able to be recessed into the wall.

Included in the Price:

  • 1 door with mirrors on both side
  • 2 tempered adjustable glass shelves
  • Soft-close hinges



  • Mirrors on the inside and out
  • Adjustable shelves inside
  • Can be hung on on the wall or recessed into wall
  • Lots of storage


Model #                A600

Dimensions        23.5" width, 26" Height, 4.75" Depth

Material               Mirror, Tempered Glass, Aluminium

Colour                Mirror

Warranty             1 year

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