Advantages of Solid Brass Hardware


Brass hardware has been a luxurious look for centuries. While primarily being viewed as such, modern brass hardware is hardly boiled down to the same look of old. Brass hardware can come in a variety of finishes from a chrome, to a matte black. Of course, the greatest quality of brass, is its durability.

Most hardware is made of zinc or aluminium. These materials are less expensive than brass, and easier to mould into various shapes. This makes them an easy choice for mass production. However, they lack the durability that brass carries. In addition to being stronger, brass has a higher corrosion resistance, which adds to its longevity, especially in a bathroom.

When you are touching your hardware day in and day out, that wear, and tear adds up, and after several years, you will see the effects. Brass is a great material for faucets and bathroom accessories because it bonds well to chrome and other finishing materials. The strong bond is what keeps your faucets looking great for years. The finish will not wear off like it does with zinc and aluminum core materials. Add to that the fact that this hardware will be constantly around and in contact with water, the strength of the material is very important. The extra durability of the material more than makes up for the extra cost. Finished brass is known to last 2-3 times longer than finished zinc or aluminum.

In addition to its strength, brass hardware has a smoother finish than other metals. While being smoother is a great start, the smooth nature of the metal also helps provide a stronger finish when being applied to the brass base. Brass is also known for its use in situations when it is important that sparks are not struck. A small but handy advantage for anyone with carpets.

The most common complaint of brass hardware is the cost. However most of that cost is offset by its durability and longevity. With modern technology’s ability to give brass a different finish than a more traditional look, brass hardware is not only durable and clean, but quite versatile in style.