Choosing the Right Vanity

              Buying a vanity can be a difficult process. With so many different looks and styles to choose from, one can sometimes get a little lost on what to look for. Here are some things to think of when buying a vanity that will help you with this important decision.

Master Bathroom

             When buying for your master bathroom, it is important to remember that your vanity is the center of all your daily bathing and beauty needs for you and your partner. Having a vanity with ample storage, and if possible one with a double sink, will be very helpful providing both the adequate space to use the vanity, and to store your products and tools. Your vanity can either match your bedroom furnishings or be a stand alone piece. A wall-mounted vanity can give your bathroom a much more open feel creating the impression of more floor space. On the other hand, a more furniture looking standing vanity can blend in with your décor a little easier.

Communal/Guest Bathroom

             When thinking about a hall or guest bathroom which can be used by children and teenagers, countertop space and storage should be of primary concern. More drawers over cabinets will help you with the large amount of bathroom products that will most likely be needed for such a bathroom. If space allows, a 60-72” vanity is optimal here, and depending on the need, one or two sinks will work nicely. Make sure to prioritize durability in a countertop for this one.

Powder Room

             A powder room, which is usually the smallest of your bathrooms, will most likely only require a smaller vanity. Usually such a room is not used for bathing, so a vanity with surplus storage is most likely not needed here. A single sink is usually sufficient, and the size of the vanity should be whatever size best fits the space. The style of the vanity can either compliment the house or make a more lavish and bold statement.

Countertop Considerations

             Your countertop choice must consider a wide array of qualities. Durability, look, available space, and style all are important choices. See our Know Your Natural Stone section for deeper insight into these products.



             Vessel sinks are usually bowl shaped, and sit on top of the counter surface. Because of its height above the countertop, these are a good choice for people needing a bit of extra height for washing. Vessel sinks come in a variety of bold and unique options.


             Installed beneath your countertop, undermount sinks allow for the countertop to ring the sink, creating a greater surface area of useable counter top, while simultaneously creating a very clean edge, allowing you to wipe straight into the sink. Undermounts are normally exclusively used with solid surface countertops such as natural stones and engineered products.

Self Rimming

             Know also as drop in or top-mount, self rimming sinks are designed to drop into the vanity opening, leaving the edges of the sink to rest on it. Easy to install and great for fitting into existing vanities, the self rimming is one of the most popular styles. Self rimming sinks are more commonly used with laminate countertops.


             The different styles and looks of faucets is enormous. From standard 3 hole traditional, to modern single hole motion activated, you will have many to choose from. The most important tip here is to pick something that is functionally what you want. The amount of styles and variances of that functional choice will be large and you will no doubt find something that suits.


             Knobs and pulls should be the last thing you consider for your vanity. You may have something all ready in mind, but we find it is always best to look at this last. Seeing your vanity in its entirety may give you inspiration for a different decision. Chrome and brushed/polished nickel are extremely popular choices, but with the right look, a more metallic, gold or even crystal look, can put that beautiful finishing touch on your vanity. Pulls are normally preferred for all drawers, and knobs for the cabinet doors, the shapes and sizes will depend on the rest of your vanity’s look.