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Welcome to our Information Center. Here we will discuss many different tips, tricks, fixes and general knowledge of all things The Vanity Store. We are constantly motivated here at The Vanity Store to make shopping and learning with us a smooth, and helpful process.

Here are some things to think of when buying a vanity.

Don’t be afraid, its not that different.

Helpful prevention and maintenance tips as well.

If your tub is scratched or dinged this guide will have it looking like new.

An in-depth look at the history and modern significance of your countertop.

Tips and tricks for when the unthinkable happens.

Choosing the right bathroom faucet.

Steps to install a bathroom vanity mirror.

How to install a recessed medicine cabinet.

Tips on installing a wall mounted linen cabinet.

Types of vanity finishes available.

How-to select the proper towel warmer for your bathroom.

Framed vs. Framless vanities